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Let’s Play : Speed Racer :The Great Plan.

This is a Let’s Play Quickie. This is Speed Racer The Great Plan and it is an AWESOME game. If you wish to play then go to there you can , download a free trial or buy the game.

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19 Responses to “Let’s Play : Speed Racer :The Great Plan.”

  1. 96firepower says:

    its really hard to play this game every time i play i got 5th place

  2. MalaFiumanka says:

    Thumbs up for this comment if you hate Duggery.

  3. william97042 says:

    I winned very times

  4. lmallanao says:

    Also,if u saw the move to confuese otheer drivers w/ the jacks,USE IT WHEN U NEED 2!!! (this was showed on 1 of the episodes of “Speed Racer:The Next Generation”)

  5. lmallanao says:

    Awesome game. I won in first a few times. I know something he/she didn’t do. When ur on grass,use the grip tires. U’ll go faster. Also,if ur playing 4 ur first time, or trying to beat Duggery,u may get excited. Don’t do that otherwise u get overconfidence. Also,using the homing robot on duggery is a waste of it. It WONT work!!! The saws r also defensive weapons. Don’t use them on 1 car 4 too long. (try it.u may get lucky to not get caught in the explosion)

  6. xXdaydreamergirl05 says:

    you did a great job, damacyboy :D i love this game but i suck terribly at it hahaha. and i love how people hate Duggery – so that makes me a rebel. lol he’s one of my favorite characters and biggest cartoon crushes ive ever had haha <3 this game RAWKS lol :)

  7. hotshot461 says:


  8. ChEwToY125 says:


  9. AngelNoriega1 says:

    i actually beat this game after like 80 tries.. haha :)

  10. Snotrod191 says:

    who doesnt hate duggery

  11. MrLegojunkie says:

    grip tires make you drive faster on the road and on ice..

  12. Estua25 says:

    the free version just have 1 level

  13. cocoloco2007 says:

    HOW MANY LEVELS DOES THIS GAME HAVE? ’cause I’ve won this game many times and it has become boresome. After the Racer family cheers Speed (your) victory the game ENDS!!! Where is Racer X, and all the other characters? I’VE HAVE PLAY IT MANY TIMES AND WON. Wonder how many levels the so called full version have?

  14. SatyriconBehemoth says:

    i never win this game but its great!

  15. M3TR01DFANBOY says:

    can anyone help me i down load this twice and it uploads viruses

  16. ploop408 says:

    i played it once and its actally reli fun!

    Shame u cant drinve mach 6 tho =(

  17. draculator1 says:

    U can use the homing robot at the begining.

  18. majikaluvr says:

    you have to ram the last red car alot. iwon 1st by doing this

  19. PercyandDuckfan94 says:

    That’s a very good game to play!I hate that red car part in the race.

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